Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Look What I Found!

Look what I found buried behind some boxes on shelf in my hubby's workshop.

A vintage travel trailer.

I bought this travel trailer kit about 15 years ago.  As you can see, I started working on it and then we decided to start a family, so the trailer found a home in a box and was packed away until yesterday.  I'm excited to have found it again and it looks like all of the parts are still around.  

All of the inside stuff.

I don't remember much about this kit, but I do believe it was offered by a father/daughter duo and I think I found their name in Nutshell News.  There is a built-in table and seating, a cook-top and sink, and a bedroom with the tiniest bathroom facilities ever.  I am going to start back on it just as soon as I complete a bit more of the Tumbleweed House.  

Another interior shot.

So, that was my big find for yesterday.  Check back tomorrow for pics of my first ever, scratch built piece of furniture.  

With warm regards,


  1. Very nice if you find such a treasure :-))

    groetjes Ingrid

  2. How great that you found this again! It's practically vintage and looks like it will be so much fun to work on. Can't wait to see the progress as you go!

  3. Hello Stacy!
    I remind you that you have given the membership to participate in the holiday swap ... I have not received more news from you, I would like to know if all is well ... among other things, I remind you that if you have already completed your gift, I would like to have your photo before you send it to your partner!
    Thanks, Caterina


  4. I have seen a miniature camper before...FUN!

  5. What a fantastic find! And the perfect time of year to start on a trailer. I hope you will post your progress on it. Are you familiar with the Betterley's Tiny Trailers? http://robinbetterley.enstore.com/browse/lydia-pickett,quarter-inch,tiny-trailers/1 A bit of inspiration :)

  6. Where did you buy this, did you finish it?