Friday, July 8, 2011

Tumbleweed House

Tumbleweed House

I thought I would post several pictures of my current project, Tumbleweed House.  I used the dollhouse kit Lisa's Country Cottage by Houseworks.  I completed the build back in March during Spring Break, but since I am a teacher, the little cottage sat empty until May.

When I started decorating the inside, I envisioned a shabby chic style interior, complete with lots of distressed white furniture and pictures of Paris.  It seemed like every time I tried to add a shabby detail, something would happen and the shabbiness was lost.  I was getting no where fast.  So I finally "listened" to my cottage and began to embrace the whole Americana/Country Farm style.  The funny thing is that my real house is decorated in a country farm style!  In fact, many of the things that you see in the Tumbleweed House have a real life counterpart in my home. 

The downstairs area.
The downstairs is missing a sink and oven.  I want to build something to accommodate the small area that I have for them.

The upstairs area.
The upstairs is basically empty.  I would like to put a bed in there.  Right now, it is just holding extra things that I have acquired.

So, that is my Tumbleweed House.  It is far from complete and in a state of change almost daily.  Tomorrow, I will post pictures of the front porch, which I am painting in just a matter of minutes. 



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  2. Hello Stacy,
    It looks like you are the one I send the International summer swap gifts to. Please email me at plush (at) to send me your mailing address. I can't wait to mail you your gifts!